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Salotto 42 - Rome

There’s nothing like great food, cocktails, conversation, and a sexy atmosphere. This is exactly what I wanted during my summer stay in Rome. Prior to my departure I did some research to find where to go for this exact cultural vibe. I’m a strong believer in Instagram searches, as they show the real deal of people enjoying themselves at different places. I searched #drinksinrome #romenightlife etc. until I stumbled upon Salotto 42; a sexy cocktail bar located in the Piazza di Pietra, facing the Temple of Hadrian. After finding it on Instagram, I then went on to read the reviews from Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. Overall I got the following from the reviews:

  • Make a table reservation or you will be left standing. (Emailed them and they responded right back with table confirmation. No problem!)

  • Go around 7-9 pm to take advantage of free appetizers, which is known as aperitivo. (They were very good and filling, no need for dinner afterwards unless you just didn’t get full.)

  • The staff is rude. (Not at all. They showed us to our table and checked on us repeatedly.)

  • The waitress even suggested drinks.)Gets crowded. (Yes it does, but if you made a table reservation then don’t worry about it. Also, it’s the placebo be so of course there will be a crowd.)

  • The prices are high. (Not at all! The prices were just right in my opinion and the drinks were GREAT!)

The Drinks - My top two favorite drinks were “Last Night’s Dream” & “Honey Basil”. Both were very smooth, tasty, and just overall great crafted cocktails. The cost of each drink ranged from 12 to 14 EURO, which is standard prices for a great crafted cocktail. A girlfriend of mine had a non-alcoholic beverage that was just as pretty, but it cost about 10 to 11 EURO. She should have went ahead and added liquor. Overall great drinks!

Food - I can’t really tell you what the names of each food item on our platter, but it was very tasty. Keep in mind that it’s free, so don’t be so picky…just try it!

The Atmosphere - The music spinning in the background ranged from jazz, Adele, Sam Cook, house, SZA, and more. Just a great vibe that complemented the decor, people, staff, and location. I will most definitely return here with a group of friends or my husband. The vibe is great for either setting!

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