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Anniversary at Sea - Mediterranean Cruise

Who: Ben Williams

Where: Mediterranean Cruise

To celebrate our anniversary in style, my wife and I wanted take our dream vacation to Athens, Greece. To fulfill this life long dream, we sought out the expertise of Almeda Travel. Our travel expert recommended that the we take a Mediterranean cruise, to see the Cradle of Civilization, on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. 

When you take a cruise, you just relax and enjoy the many amenities the ship has to offer from ice-skating, miniature golfing and the never ending restaurants. After enjoying a day and night at sea, you wake up in a different country. During the voyage we sailed to Sicily, Athens, Crete, and Turkey.

Our first stop was Taromina, Sicily and it was picturesque! It’s how you would imagine a beautiful little Italian town to look. We found this unique little wine bar where we sat for a long time drinking wine and taking it all in.

Crete has beautiful towns, charming people and excellent food. We went for lunch and found this nice spot that was tucked away in foliage. They had the freshest sea food I’d ever tasted. 

Turkey was really cool to visit as we did a lot of bargain shopping there. Turkey is like the bootleg capital of everything!  They had a store called “Genuine Fake.” Imagine Canal Street in New York City times 100.

Rome was like being in San Francisco...with ruins. When you walk the streets of Rome you are likely to see a thousand-year-old fountain that you probably read about in history.

Thanks to the experts at Almeda Travel we were able to go beyond fulfilling our dream of seeing Athens and explore the entire Mediterranean.

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